umer XLPE / PVC 3 Core Flat Submersible Cable -

XLPE / PVC 3 CORE Flat Submersible Cables

xlpe / pvc 3 core flat submersible cable

DP DEELUX POWERCAB  is India’s Leading Manufacturing of wide range of electrical PVC & XLPE Insulated Three Core Flat Cables. Our Manufacturing Unit well equipped with modern plant and machinery and have complete testing equipment backed up with well qualified and trained personnel.  Three Core Flat Cables are used by quality conscious electrical contractors and recommended by leading consultants, Builders for projects, domestic, industrial & agricultural use.Three core flat cables are best suited for submersible application and manufactured with conductor using annealed bare copper wire of electrolytic grade, bunched properly to ensure desired flexibility. The conductor is further insulated with thermoset type cross linked Polyethylene (XLPE) insulation with uniform thickness with each of the core colours in Red, Yellow and Blue by using most modern techniques. The sheath with uniform thickness and moisture resistant type PVC (Grade ST2) compound formulated and manufactured inhouse, is extruded over these coloured cores in a flat formulation. The colour of the sheath is black / Blue. The cable undergoes stringent quality checks during raw material, in process and final testing as per the laid down specification and the quality norms. The cables are available with progressive sequential Length making, company name, size & voltage grade on sheath. Following are the advantages offered by XLPE insulated cables over the PVC insulated cables.

  • Higher Current Rating: It can withstand continuous conductor temperature of 90°C as against 70°C for PVC. This means higher current carrying capacity and hence it is possible to use one size lower than that of PVC for the same current. These cables can withstand extreme voltage fluctuation.
  • Higher Short Circuit Rating: It can withstand upto 250°C during emergency overloading as against 160°C for PVC. Hence, in case of emergency it can sustain for longer period of time compare to PVC.
  • Lighter in Weight and Smaller Bending Radius: It has lower density than PVC which makes them lighter in weight and hence the bending radius is smaller than that of PVC.
  • Lower Di-electric constant and power factor: It result in saving in power losses which means saving in costs.
  • Better Impact, abrasion, Corrosion resistance: It is safer than PVC cables against mechanical damage, abrasion & corrosion.
  • 50 to 35.0 and above 35.0 supplied on request.
  • From 1.50 to 6.0 Supplied in 100 meter & 500 meter Packing & from 10.0 and above in 300 meter packing.